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Successfully Treated With a Microdochectomy

Successfully Treated With a Microdochectomy

  • September 17, 2023

Patient Name: Mrs. Regina Saffa

Age: 53 Years

Gender: Female

Country of Origin: Sierra Leone

Doctor Name: Dr. Senthil Kumar

Treatment: Microdochectomy

Med Mark Global organized a medical camp in Sierra Leone in May 2023. Mrs. Regina had complaints of breast pain and discharge from her nipples. She attended the camp and consulted Dr. Senthil Kumar, a Surgical Oncologist with 13+ years of experience.

After evaluating her condition, the doctor recommended a microdochectomy procedure that involves surgical removal of the lactiferous duct responsible for discharge from the nipples.

Dr. Senthil practices at MIOT International, Chennai, a multispecialty hospital that has been accredited by NABH and NABL. He advised her to come to Chennai for the surgery. Mrs. Regina knew traveling to a foreign country for medical procedures could be challenging. To ease out her medical tourism experience, she contacted us.

The team at Med Mark GLobal responded promptly to her request and made suitable arrangements that included visa assistance, airport pick up, hotel stay, surgeon’s consultation, and hospital admission. The microdochectomy procedure was successfully performed at MIOT International. She has now fully recovered and is not experiencing any discharge.

Our team was always in contact with her and took daily updates. She stayed in India for about two weeks, and we gave her a homelike environment. Pleased with our services, Mrs. Regina thanked us for a comfortable stay. She has now flown back to her home country, Sierra Leone, with a happy heart.

We wish Regina a bright and healthy future ahead.

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